School Counselors assist students and parents/guardians with academic, career, and personal/social issues.

Shawnee Huston works with students whose last names begin with A through K and Jason Johnson works with students whose last names begin with L through Z.

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Reasons a Student or Parent Might See a School Counselor:

  1. Educational concerns such as course selection, academic difficulty, etc.
  2. Educational/vocational planning such as applying to colleges, finding scholarships, etc.
  3. Interpretation of standardized test results (SAT and ACT)
  4. Personal problems involving self, friends, family, school, etc.
  5. Referral by teacher, parent, or friend

We look forward to working with the high school students to assist them in identifying and achieving their goals. Please feel free to contact us with concerns and/or questions. Appointments can be made by calling 833-6271 or email us at your convenience. Students are encouraged to stop by the office. The best time to stop by is during ASC, PE, or an elective class. Many students also visit before or after school and during the lunch period.