Section 5: Personnel


Personal Technology and Social Media; Usage and Conduct (PDF)


Section 5 Table of Contents (PDF)

General Personnel
5:10Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment (PDF)
5:10-APWorkplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers (PDF)
5:20Sexual Harassment (PDF)
5:20-APSample Questions and Considerations for Conducting the Internal Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Investigation (PDF)
5:30Hiring Process and Criteria (PDF)
5:30-AP1Job Interviews (PDF)
5:30-AP2Investigations (PDF)
5:30-AP2,E1Notice of Preliminary Hiring Decision Based on Conviction Record
5:30-AP2, E2Notice of Final Hiring Decision Based on Conviction Record
5:35Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (PDF)
5:35-AP1Fair Labor Standards Act Exemptions (PDF)
5:35-AP2Employee Records Required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (PDF)
5:35-AP3Compensable Work Time for Non-Exempt Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (PDF)
5:35-AP4Fair Labor Standards Act 12-Step Compliance Checklist (PDF)
5:35-EVolunteer Agreement Executed by a Non-Exempt Employee (PDF)
5:40Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease (PDF)
5:40-APAdministrative Procedure - Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease (PDF)
5:50Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace; Tobacco Prohibition (PDF)
5:60Expenses (PDF)
5:60-E1Request for Leave Form (PDF)
5:60-E2Travel Voucher (PDF)
5:70Religious Holidays (PDF)
5:80Court Duty (PDF)
5:90Abused and Neglected Child Reporting (PDF)
5:90-APCoordination with Children's Advocacy Center
5:100Staff Development Program (PDF)
5:100-APAdministrative Procedure - Staff Development Program (PDF)
5:110Recognition for Service (PDF)
5:120Employee Ethics; Conduct; and Conflict of Interest (PDF)
5:120-AP1Statement of Economic Interest for Employees (PDF)
5:120-AP2Employee Conduct Standards (PDF)
5:120-AP2, EExpectations and Guidelines for Employee-Student Boundaries
5:120-ECode of Ethics for Illinois Educators (PDF)
5:125Personal Technology and Social Media; Usage and Conduct (PDF)
Responsibilities Concerning Internal Information (PDF)
5:130-APEmail Retention (PDF)
5:140Solicitations by or from Staff (PDF)
5:150Personnel Records, Maintenance, and Access (PDF)
5:150-APAdministrative Procedure - Personnel Records, Maintenance, and Access (PDF)
5:170Copyright for Publication or Sale of Instructional Materials and Computer Programs Developed by Employees (PDF)
5:170-AP1Copyright Compliance (PDF)
5:170-AP2Seeking Permission to Copy or Use Copyrighted Works (PDF)
5:170-ERequest to Reprint Material (PDF)
5:170-AP3Instructional Materials and Computer Programs Developed within the Scope of Employment (PDF)
5:170-AP4Designation of District Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Agent; Registration Process (PDF)
5:180Temporary Illness or Temporary Incapacity (PDF)
5:185Family and Medical Leave (PDF)
5:185-APAdministrative Procedure - Family and Medical Leave (PDF)

Professional Personnel
5:190Teacher Qualifications (PDF)
5:190-AP1Plan to Ensure that all Teachers Who Teach Core Academic Subjects are "Highly Qualified" by the End of the 2005-2006 School Year (PDF)
5:190-E1Notice to Parents of Their Right to Request Their Child's Classroom Teachers' Qualifications (PDF)
5:190-E2Notice to Parents When Their Child is Assigned to or Has Been Taught for at Least Four Straight Weeks by a Teacher Does Not Meet Applicable State Certification/Licensure Requirements (PDF)
5:190-E3Letter to Teacher Who Fails to Meet the Federal Definition of "Highly Qualified" (PDF)
5:200Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal (PDF)
5:201Professional Personnel - Salary Schedule Advancements, Adjustments, and Supplemental Pay (PDF)
5:210Resignations and Retirement (PDF)
5:220Substitute Teachers (PDF)
5:220-APAdministrative Procedure - Substitute Teachers (PDF)
5:220-EUnsatisfactory Performance Report for Substitute Teachers (PDF)
5:230Maintaining Student Discipline (PDF)
5:240Suspension (PDF)
5:240-APAdministrative Procedure - Suspension (PDF)
5:260Student Teachers (PDF)

Educational Support Personnel
5:270Employment At-Will, Compensation, and Assignment (PDF)
5:280Duties and Qualifications (PDF)
5:285Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers (PDF)
5:285-APAdministrative Procedure - Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers (PDF)
5:290Termination and Suspensions (PDF)
5:300Schedules and Employment Year (PDF)
5:310Compensatory Time-Off (PDF)
5:310-EAgreement to Receive Compensatory Time-Off (PDF)
5:320Evaluation (PDF)
5:330Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, and Leaves (PDF)