Microsoft Office 365

 Microsoft Office 365 includes: Outlook (email), OneDrive (where documents are saved), Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an application found in Office 365.  Microsoft Teams is an online platform that allows collaboration between teachers and students. 

  • Post class information
  • Hold class meetings
  • See, do and turn in assignments.

How do students access Microsoft Teams?

Students can use a computer, laptop:

  1. Go to the Macomb Schools website: 
  2. Scroll down until you see the circle for Clever and click on it.
  3. Students will then log in to Clever, just like they do while they are at school.  If they do not remember their log in or password they will need to contact their teacher.
  4. In Clever, scroll down until you see Microsoft Teams and click on it.  
  5. In Teams you will see all the student’s classes, known as Teams.
  6. Click on a Team (class).
  7. In the Team students will see where they and the teacher can communicate back and forth, join a class meeting, and see, do and turn in assignments.
  8. Teachers can give feedback on assignments.

Students can use a tablet or smartphone - the best experience will come from downloading and running the Microsoft Teams app

For Teams Class Meetings - The experience will be much better with speakers, a microphone, and a webcam. It is possible to participate without a camera in audio only mode. The Microsoft Teams phone app works great.

Headphone Tip - Xbox and PlayStation headsets would work pretty well on any computer that doesn’t have speakers and/or a microphone.