About Lincoln

Lincoln School serves Kindergarten through third grade.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a positive, safe and respectful student-centered learning environment that promotes academic growth through a rigorous curriculum. Social and emotional development are fostered through collaborative relationships that will help students grow into productive members of society. 

Vision Statement

We envision that all Lincoln students will successfully read and comprehend grade level text as well as understand and apply mathematical concepts to solve challenging problems by the end of third grade.

School Day Hours

Breakfast begins at 7:30. Class begins at 8:00. Lunch for Kindergarten and 2nd grade are from 10:45-11:30, and for 1st and 3rd 11:55-12:40. Dismissal is at 2:40. Cut off for dismissal changes is 2:00, 9:00 on SIP days when we dismiss at 12:45.