Event info Due to Closures

Many of our school activities have been impacted by the mandatory school closures in response COVID-19 and there are some key events coming up in the near future. We understand these are some of the most important events in our school calendar. We very much want to host the events as scheduled; we will do everything we can to do so or find a suitable adjustment if necessary. The date in which we are able to return to school is the primary factor in whether or not an event can take place as scheduled or will be altered.

Scott Sullivan

April 2-4: Spring MusicalCanceled
updated 4-30-20
April 14: Statewide SAT, SAT 10, SAT 9
(Administered at the school)
ISBE applied for, and was granted, a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education for administering standardized tests this spring. updated 3-27-20
April 25: FFA Awards BanquetTBA
updated 4-2-20
April 30: Band ConcertCanceled.
As of today, the band concert has not been altered but we recognize the feasibility depends on returning to school with an appropriate number of days to prepare. updated 3-27-20
May 5-13: AP Exams
Altered, TBA
The dates may be changed and the format will be different. The College Board is currently working on the changes. See more at
https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/coronavirus-updates/taking-ap-exams  updated 3-27-20
May 7: Senior Meeting & Convocation
TBA. The advisors are working to determine the best way to conduct this event given the circumstances. updated 4-30-20
May 9: Prom & After-Prom
Date Tentatively Rescheduled for July 25th at a venue in Macomb.
The advisors are working hard to find the best alternatives available. Of course, much of our ability to host a rescheduled event depends on the timing of changes to stay at home orders. updated 5-8-20
May 11: Spring Choir Concert
Canceled updated 4-30-20
May 16: Graduation

A graduation ceremony with limited attendees is scheduled for May 16, at 7:00. See the Graduation Information page for more information.  updated 5-8-20

Final Exams
updated 4-30-20