What is Skyward?

Skyward is the district’s web-based student information system.  It gives students and guardians online access to grades, assignments, report cards, attendance, schedules, food service, Skylert (district emergency system) and more.  It is also used to register students for the upcoming school year.  

Who uses Skyward?

Skyward is utilized by students, families, teachers and employees.  Therefore, Skyward is divided into four portals:  Student Access, Family Access, Teacher Access and Employee Access.

How do I log into Skyward? 

Students, families, and teachers can click on the Skyward Icon located on the resource bar of each page of the district website.  Enter the username in the login ID field and password. Student’s username is their student ID. The password is a two three letter word combination with the first letter of each word being capital and the student’s birthdate number (an example would be TopBat28). If you are uncertain what your student’s username or password is contact the teacher or the school office. Guardians must fill out a permission form to access Skyward and will be given a username and password. If a guardian does not recall their username and password, please call the school office. 

MacArthur (PK) 309-833-4273
Lincoln (K-3) 309-833-2095
Edison (4-6) 309-837-3993
MJH (7-8) 309-833-2074
MHS (9-12) 309-837-2331

What will you see in Skyward?

When you sign in to Skyward you will see the wall. You may also access this area by selecting the Home tab. The wall displays messages posted by the teacher, school and district. If you have unread messages, a link will display at the top of the wall.

Teachers can also assign students electronic assignments through Skyward Online Assignments and a notification will appear on the wall for students.  If you are signed in as a guardian and have more than one student attending school, you will see a drop-down list, which will allow you to select an individual student within the family. Additionally, any text in blue indicates there is a link that can be clicked on to learn more. 

In the Skyward portal, the user will see a column on the left-hand side with various tabs.  The tabs you will see are dependent on if you are a student or guardian and also on the school building you attend.  Users can click on the tabs to explore more about each tab. One important tab is the Gradebook tab. The Gradebook tab allows users to see grades, upcoming or missing assignments.  Another important tab is Skylert.  Skylert is the notification system for the district. This tab is only visible to guardians.  Guardians will want to click on Skylert to make sure the information is accurate.  Guardians are able to add additional emergency contacts in the Skylert tab. 

In the right-hand corner guardians and students will see a link called My Account. The My Account area is organized into three sections: Account Settings, Email Notifications and School Directory. Guardians and students can see their information in the account settings.  If you scroll down slightly users will see the option to opt in to receive email notifications on daily attendance, grades, progress reports or when food service balance is low.  These email notifications are dependent on your role as a guardian or student and also on the school building you attend. 

To log out of Skyward, click on Exit in the right-hand corner. 

Does Skyward Have an App? 

Skyward has an app that can be found in your mobile device app store by searching for Skyward Mobile Access.  Once the app is downloaded, locate the district, enter your credentials and set up a passcode to secure your Skyward account. To learn more about the app, you will see In the right hand corner of the Skyward app a paper airplane icon with a red dot, click on it to “Take A Tour”.  It is important to note that the mobile app does not have all of the features that the Skyward desktop app does.

More about Family Access

Check out the Family Access User Guide