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In an effort to provide information specific to what MHS students might expect at school this year, we are providing some information below in the form of a Q & A. Please note, all information below is subject to change. Schools receive new guidance and directives from the Governor's office, IDPH, and ISBE often. New guidance sometimes causes districts to change or retract information previously communicated. We will update and add to this page as needed and when appropriate.

What will my "B-day" student do on Monday, August 24th?

MHS will effectively conduct two different "first day of school" schedules for A-day students on Monday and again on Tuesday for B-day students.  On Monday, the B-day students will not be required to log in from home, do assignments, or fill out an attendance form.

Are there exceptions, or differences, for WACS courses in terms of rules, expectations?

Yes, there are a few important things for WACS students to know. 1) Students can drive themselves to WACS classes if this is something their parent would like them to do. If this is the case, the parent should send a note to the attendance secretary in the main office requesting their student drives. 2) WACS students do not attend on their first day of school as we have tasks at MHS that all students take part in. Plus, there are other school districts participaiting and post-secondary institutions that provide instruction; this makes it necessary to coordinate calendars.  WACS students should attend first period on the first day of school (A or B) instead of going to WACS.  The first day students will go to their WACS class is: Welding August 26. Cosmotolegy August 28. Foods August 27.

Are we still having Early Bird PE?  What else should I know about Early Bird?

Yes, we are having Early Bird, however, we will not start early bird until Wednesday online. Wednesday online Early Bird starts at 7:30.  The first day students will go to Early Bird at the school will be Thursday, August 27 for A-Day and Friday, August 28 for B-Day.

Students will be allowed to park in teacher lot (West) as long as they move their car after early bird, or they can park on tennis court side and walk over. 

Miss Allen and Mr. Horrell will be taking temps/symptom checks outside at picnic table in the middle of circle drive. Early Bird will use the gym/pool entrance doors (O) to enter the building.
Students should start arriving at 7am, we usually start class time at 7:10.

Which entrance should students use to enter the school?  What times should students arrive?

Student Drivers should arrive at the east lot between 7:45 and 8:00. The east doors will open at 7:50. Student drivers will park in the east lot (tennis courts) and use Entrance A. Mr. Fulkerson and other adults will be here to screen students as they enter. Upon entering the building, students will go directly to class. If cricumstances arise where it is needed, the auditorium lobby is reserved for use as a staging area where students can wait (socially distanced) until 7:50.

Employee drivers will park in the west lot (Commons side) and use Entrance J for temp screening.

Buses will drop riders at the Main Entrance (H, by the stop sign). High School bus riders will go to the gymnasium boys deck to wait until 7:50 at which time they will go straight to class. The boys deck will have designated spaces for socially distanced seating.  In addition, high school bus riders eating breakfast will pickup their food at the Commons and then take it with to use tables on the boys deck. High School students will not remain or congregate in the Commons nor in the hallways in the morning.  

Students being dropped off by parents should use the Commons (J) door nearest the circle drive. Like the bus students, breakfast can be picked up in the Commons as the student passes through on the way to the staging area on the boys deck in the gymnasium.

Will the school provide a laptop to hybrid model students?  What if a hybrid student already has a device at home and would prefer to use it rather than the school device?

Yes, we plan to issue a laptop to each hybrid student on Monday or Tuesday (depending on their first day) during 3rd period.  We prefer that students use our device rather than a personal device, especially while here at school. Our tech support staff will not be able to support the variety of personal devices that students might choose to use including Chromebooks, MacBooks, and a number of tablets. We understand that some parents might not want the added responsibility of their student caring for a school device 24/7. In this case, a solution is for the student to use their assigned school laptop while at school but then leave it at the school at the end of the day. In essence, the student would pickup their assigned laptop from their cart in the morning and return it to the cart before going home.  Parents should check their email to learn more information about a message sent on Monday, August 17 about the distribution of school devices and the required electronic paperwork necessary.

Will the school provide a laptop to remote only students? 

Yes, we will issue a laptop to each remote only student that requests one. Parents of remote only students should contact Amy Howe, building secretary, at to request laptop. Requests should be made by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 19.  A drive-thru pickup for laptop will be held on Thursday, August 20 from Noon to 3 p.m. Again, this drive-thru pickup of laptops is for remote only students, not hybrid model students.

Will more information be provided for parents and students before the first day of remote learning?

Our remote only parents were contacted on Friday, August 14 by email and phone about information regarding an Edgenuity orientation meeting.  The orientation meeting will be Thursday, August 20 at 7:00 p.m.  This will be co-hosted on Zoom by Scott Sullivan, MHS Principal and Lori Bilbrey, ROYALS Principal.  The Zoom link will be sent to parents on Thursday.

Recording of August 20th Remote Learning Orientation Meeeting (Added 8-23-20) 



Original Text Below Posted 8-12-20

Are masks required to be in the building?

Yes, all employees, students, and visitors must wear a mask appropriately while at the Jr-Sr High School.  The mask must cover the nose and mouth completely. According to guidance from the health department and ISBE, individuals may remove their mask during meals while eating. Individuals will be spaced appropriately in the Commons during meals. We take the use of masks very seriously at Macomb Schools. This is a very effective method of keeping the transmission rate low.

Will the district provide all PPE supplies for employees?  What about masks for students?

The district will provide the necessary supplies for employees. As for students, we encourage parents to provide their student with multiple masks for the upcoming school year. It’s important that students come to school each morning with a clean mask.

Are students and teachers required to take their temperature before entering the building?

Yes, all individuals will have their temperature taken and screened for symptoms before entering the building. We will follow guidelines from ISBE and IDPH; any person with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed in the building.

Where will temperatures be taken?

Students driving to school or being dropped off will enter either through entrance K (circle drive) or entrance A (tennis courts) where multiple adults will be using contactless thermometers to screen individuals. Parents should not drop off their students at the building's main entrance (H) nor at the southeast corner of the Commons (J). Entrance H is reserved for bus students only.  Entrance J will not be used to start the year.

Is the district providing supplies to disinfect our tables, chairs, manipulatives and toys?

Yes, wipes will be available for student and teacher use in the classrooms. In addition, hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed in each classroom.

Are teachers and students responsible for disinfecting the classrooms or will custodians help with that?

During the day, teachers will direct students on a routine to clean their workspace as they enter the classroom.  After school hours, the custodians will thoroughly clean and disinfect each room used during the day.

Will lunch in the Commons be different to start the year?  Will MHS still use an "open campus" concept at lunch?

Traditionally, MHS has used one lunch period (5th) for all faculty and students. In order to best meet guidelines, we will create two separate lunch periods.  To do this, we will combine the clock times for 5th and 6th periods, then split the courses originally scheduled during 6th into two groups. Half will start class at 11:46 and then eat lunch afterwards. The other half will eat first at 11:46 and then go to class at 12:25.  See the schedule below.

  1. HS 1st Lunch:  11:46-12:21
  2. HS 1st Class: 11:47-12:38
  3. HS 2nd Lunch: 12:41- 1:16
  4. HS 2nd Class: 12:25-1:16

Aramark has streamlined the food lines to create an efficient method for students to pass through while receiving their food.  Menu choices will be set for 3 options which will be available at every distribution point rather than having different food choices at different lines. Students will be able to use any line to obtain the same food choices. Signage promoting social distancing will be prevalent in the Commons. For seating, students will use designated spots at tables in the Commons for meals so that proper social distancing of six feet can be maintained.  Additional spaces (rooms) will be used as needed to stay under the capacity of 50 for the area. We have made arrangements for the use of a tent outside, use of the boys deck in the gymnasium, and the auditorium lobby if needed.

As of August 12, the "open campus" policy at lunches is still available for grades 10, 11, and 12. We are continuing to monitor guidelines and reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

What about drinking fountains and restrooms? Will the fountains be turned off and will there be a limit to the number of students allowed in the public restrooms?

The hand operated water fountains will be temporarily turned off. There are two water fountains with foot pedals; these will remain on so that students may fill a water bottle. Students will not be allowed to drink directly from the fountain.

How will the hallway traffic be minimized?  Will students use hallway lockers, at least for the time being?

The hallways will be marked on the floor to create two lanes of traffic, along with signage promoting the proper direction of traffic to minimize the likelihood of passing closely next to another person facing one another.  Lockers will not be used, and students will be permitted to travel to classrooms with a book bag to carry items.  The book bag provision is temporary.

Teachers are already assigned to assist with normal supervision of hallways during passing periods. Our adults will be there to reinforce best practice for moving from point A to point B in between classes.

Will the district provide devices to students for hybrid and 100% remote learning this year?

Yes, we will issue a laptop to each high school student. Students will be able to take the devices home each night and are then expected to bring them to school each day. Students will carry the laptop from class to class in their book bag.  Information about contracts, date of issue, expectations, etc. will soon follow.  

What is the weekly schedule for Hybrid Model students?








A Roster
students attend in person.

B Roster 
students attend in person.

A & B Roster Students Meet online with Teachers in Microsoft Teams. See Below for Details

A Roster 
students attend in person.

B Roster 
students attend in person.


students learn asynchronously from home

students learn asynchronously from home

B Roster 
students learn asynchronously from home

A Roster 
students learn asynchronously from home

What is the Wednesday Schedule for A & B rosters online?

Wednesday Schedule



Early Bird



Both A & B Students: Online Class Session with Course Instructor & Support Personnel

























 *Note-HS Choir Scheduled for 8th period will take place at 11:30 rather than 11:00.




Teacher Office Time




Student work time for individual daily assignments and long-term assignments, single student or small group work online with teachers, Teacher PLCs, Professional Development & SIP

Will we count assignments for grades?

Yes, grades will be awarded based on student performance. Students’ overall grades can go up and down based on the assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, etc. completed during the semester.   The expectation is that work will be completed and completed on time.

As a parent, where online can I see what my student needs to work on when at home?

Students and parents should start at Clever.  Clever is a brand name for a software service that provides Macomb Schools with several nice features including SSO (Single Sign-on). This allows Clever to be the launching pad to district services such as Microsoft Teams, IXL, digital versions of textbooks and more.  Once logged into Clever, the user is automatically logged into the connected services.  More information about using Clever can be found at including a video produced by Katie Hoge, Macomb Director of Technology.

Where are assignments posted? 

Teachers will post a “Daily Tasks” document that can be viewed in both in Clever and Teams. Think of this document as a helpful summary to point you in the right direction.  For actionable items, teachers will continue to post content, directions, and assignments in Microsoft Teams. Only students have a login to Teams while both parents and students can login to Clever.  To learn more about Teams, please visit for another video produced by Katie Hoge.

My student will be on the hybrid model schedule. What are students expected to do on the days when scheduled to learn from home?

Learning will be asynchronous for students that are learning from home on their hybrid schedule.  The instruction provided on these days will be different than what is taking place for the students who are at school learning in person.  Rather than streaming the lesson via the internet, teachers will provide learning opportunities via Microsoft Teams. Again, on a given day, the lessons for students at home and those at school will be different activities.

How will attendance be taken for hybrid students on the days they learn from home?

Attendance will be taken by through an electronic form.

Will high school students still follow their daily class period schedule?  Will high school students still go from room to room for classes?

Yes, high school students participating in the hybrid schedule will travel from room to room, according to their schedule, on the days they are present in the building.

With the A/B rosters and hybrid schedule, how many students will be in most classrooms at any one time? 

It will vary, but on average we will have approximately eight students in a classroom. Some will have slightly more, some less. This will give teachers an opportunity to arrange furniture and set seating charts so that everyone can be adequately distanced from one another.

Will there still be band and choir? How will it be different?

We will offer both band and choir in the scheduled times. Both courses will be conducted differently so to comply with IDPH guidelines. Guidance from the health department indicates that singing and the playing of most instruments should take place outdoors. Due to the cancellation of all competitive events and Friday night home football games, fall semester band will not be "Marching Band".

An 11th grade student plays a traditional fall sport that has been tentatively moved to February.  Does this impact my request for a PE waiver?

Yes. Waiver requests will be granted in accordance with Illinois School Code and Macomb school policy. The policy states that students may request a waiver when an activity or course is offered.  In this example, the student may waive PE in February if football can be played at that time. The student is not eligible for the waiver at the beginning of the year.

Will PE be different?

Students will still take PE this year, however, students will not change into PE clothes nor will they use the PE locker rooms.  In addition, some traditional PE activities will either be put on hold or modified this year so students and faculty can adhere to guidelines. Students enrolled in PE should wear appropriate clothing and shoes to school. 

Will there be an attendance incentive program this year?

No, due to the circumstances related to the pandemic, the attendance incentive program will be suspended for the 20-21 school year.  If an individual is ill, they should not come to school. Again, there is no incentive program related to attendance this year.

Will there be final exams this year?


My student is staying home for remote learning, five days per week. I read Macomb Schools will use Edgenuity to deliver the content and instruction to my student. What is “Edgenuity” and where can I learn more about the courses offered there? 

Edgenuity is a company that provides educational courses online. Many schools in Illinois use Edgenuity courses for a variety of reasons, such as credit recovery and course substitution. If you have questions about which courses are available via Edgenuity, please see their course catalog at . Please note, the subscription based courses require an addition fee. Macomb High School is not currently able to support the cost of the subscription courses.

The Edgenuity website offers sample lessons at so parents and students can gain a feel for what it’s like to learn with Edgenuity.

In conjunction with representatives of ROE 26, we will host an online orientation session for parents and students enrolling in Edgenuity. The orientation will take place the week of Aug 17-21. Information will be communicated once the date and time have been determined.

Can a student doing Edgenuity courses enroll in a course that is not offered in-person at MHS? 

Yes, Edgenuity offers a wide variety of courses for grades 6-12. While MHS offers a large number of courses, Edgenuity does offer several courses that we do not or cannot offer. Assuming all graduation requirements are being met, a student can sign up for one or more of these courses as an “elective” with approval from the counselor and principal. However, due to the nature of how certain courses are setup in Edgenuity, not all courses in their catalog will be available to MHS students. Please check with a counselor if you have a question.

How will Edgenuity students be monitored?

Depending on the number of students enrolled, one or more adults will serve as Edgenuity facilitators. This person(s) does not serve as an instructor or tutor, but rather as a monitor of progress. A facilitator will communicate regularly with students and parents to ensure a successful pace in being maintained.

For students that choose the online-only option using Edgenuity, will their Edgenuity grades count towards their GPA and class rank? 

Yes, as long as we are serving students in this capacity during the COVID-19 crisis, courses taken in this fashion will count towards a student’s GPA and class rank.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.


Scott Sullivan
MHS Principal