Remote Learning Nov 23 - Jan 15

With the news that Macomb Schools will be switching to remote only learning for all students, we want to share a Q & A to help answer some of the questions that may arise due to this change. The information below is specific to the high school.

Posted 11/19/2020 10:00 a.m.

What is the daily schedule during the Remote Only phase, Nov 23-Jan 15?
We will conduct daily class sessions with students, following the schedule below.  

How many days of the week will a student attend online class?
Each day we are in session, students are expected to attend online class meetings with their teachers in Microsoft Teams. The schedule is based on the current Wednesday schedule.

Will there still be A/B days during remote learning?
No. All students (except those in Edgenuity) will attend classes together in Teams everyday we are in session.

Daily Schedule During Remote Learning Nov 23-Jan 15



Early Bird



Students: Online Class Session with Course Instructor & Support Personnel

























 *Note-HS Choir Scheduled for 8th period will take place at 11:30 rather than 11:00.




Teacher Office Time




Student study time.

Teachers provide extra support for students in need.

Students/Teachers schedule individual or small group Teams meetings for extra assistance.

How will attendance be taken? 
Students will be counted as present when they attend scheduled online class sessions for the courses in which they are enrolled. Teachers will record their attendance in Skyward. Students will not be required to submit a Microsoft Form for attendance.

Are parents required to notify the school when their student cannot attend online meetings due to illness?
Yes, parents need to call the attendance clerk, Mrs. Dildine, each day their student will not be present online for class meetings. Absences from remote learning will be reconciled the same as in-person days. Absences will either become excused (with a valid reason) or unexcused.

How will students demonstrate they are engaged to be counted as present?
To be present, students are expected to be logged into the online Teams meeting and participating for the duration of the lesson. Students that log into the Teams meeting and then "check out," in essence pretending to be in the meeting, will be counted as absent.

I want to make sure of the expectation. Are students required to be in online school every day?
Students are expected to be online, in each of their assigned classes, everyday we are in session. Parents and employers...please do not let a student convince you otherwise.

My student has an ASC in their schedule. Do they attend ASC online via Microsoft Teams?
Yes. Many students are scheduled to be in the Academic Success Center (ASC; study hall). This is an instrumental strategy for many students to ensure they are staying current with their assignments. The ASC coach can assist in providing extra organizational support for  students and help facilitation communication between student and teacher. Students will attend ASC in Team to be counted present.

Will assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, etc. continue to count towards a student's grade?

What will happen to a student’s grade for this semester if they choose not to turn in assignments during the remote learning phase? 
Students will receive the grade they earn. Grades can be raised and lowered during this phase of remote learning.

Where do we find information about what is assigned? Will teachers still use "Daily Tasks" ?
Daily Tasks will still be used. Teachers will continue to communicate basic information about what is assigned and due dates with the Daily Tasks documents In addition, teachers will continue to facilitate their courses through Microsoft Teams.

Does this impact students that started the year on Edgenuity as "Remote Only"?
No. Students enrolled in courses through our Project Edgenuity program will continue in those courses through the end of the first semester, January 15th.

Does this impact final exams?
Coincidentally, we had just arrived at a decision concerning final exams. We will not conduct traditional final exams this semester in hybrid courses at MHS. This is a decision we have arrived at after very rich discussions and careful consideration of the factors related to administering exams in the current environment. Ultimately, we feel this decision is in the best interest of our school community.

Teachers may decide to offer other forms of assessments such as a performance projects or non-cumulative tests given at the end of a chapter or unit. We will not reserve the three days at the end of December as “Final Exams” and instead these will be used as regular instructional days.

This is a temporary change in our practice, effective this semester of the current school year.  Any consideration of a change in finals for second semester will take place at a later time. Please note, this applies to MHS courses only. Courses at WIU, Spoon River College, WACS, and other outside sources will follow the guidance set forth by those institutions.

The district provided meals last spring.  Will they do the same for this period of remote learning?
If you are interested in meals, please call the Aramark Office at 309-837-2335. Meals can be picked-up at the circle drive in front of the commons at Macomb Jr./Sr. High School, 1525 South Johnson Street. 

Meal Pick-Up will begin on Monday November 23, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.   Meals will be available for pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays only.  On Mondays you can pick up meals for Monday through Wednesday.  On Wednesdays you will pick up meals for Thursday through Sunday.  During the holiday season we will create larger boxes that will have your meals for the entire holiday break.  Please note these meals are for ALL STUDENTS for FREE!

How does this impact extracurricular activities? Will there still be open gyms and/or practices?
Unfortunately, we will cease practices and open gyms.

Is the main office open during this time of remote learning? What if my student needs something from a teacher? What if I need assistance?
The high school office will remain open for normal business hours from 7:30-4:00 each weekday. Administrators, counselors, teachers and staff are here to support students during this time.

What support services are available during this remote learning phase?
Learning under any model during a pandemic takes an emotional toll on many individuals. Shifting back to remote learning, five days a week, may create a stressor for students, teachers, and parents. Please understand, although we will be teaching remotely, we are not closed. We want parents and students to know that we are here to support them through this phase of school. We encourage any party to communicate with us as soon as there is a need for additional support.

There are multiple services available.  Our academic counselors, social workers, and our school psychologist each work with students regularly and will continue to do so during our remote learning phase. These professionals commonly meet with students and/or parents in online Microsoft Teams meetings and communicate by telephone or email.

  • Erin Fink, school social worker, (309) 833-0559,
  • Roberta Keck, school psychologist, (309) 837-0558,
  • Shawnee Huston, counselor, (309) 833-6203,
  • Jason Johnson, counselor, (309) 833-6204,

MHS Teachers. Our teachers are available to provide assistance and support in the afternoon. Teacher have general office hours from 12:20 to 1:00. In addition, teachers may schedule individual or small group Teams meetings with students from 1:00 to 3:00 each day.

24/7 Tutoring. Tutoring services are available through a grant-funded partnership with FEV Tutor. These services are conducted online. Individual students can connect through FEV Tutor's online platform to seek assistance from a content specialist. Parents or students interested should contact the teacher of the course in question to discuss a referral to FEV Tutor.

Community Resources. There are a variety of community resources available as well.