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published 1/30/21

Signup for FEV Tutoring

There are two ways to signup for online tutoring:

1, Schedule a Tutoring Session using a Google Form created by FEV and MHS

2. Login into FEV's Dashboard by going through Clever first.

**Please note: Confirmations of appointment times are sent to the parent email address on record in Skyward. FEV does not send emails to our students. When signup up for scheduled tutoring appointments, its important that parents have a current email address on file in Skyward.


Dear MHS Parents & Students:

Macomb High School has partnered with FEV Tutor to provide students with school-sponsored online Homework Help and Coursework Support as a resource to drive students toward their academic goals! Students will be offered this support for Math and English.

This is a virtual service so students can access tutoring from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Watch this quick video to learn more about how FEV Tutor can support your academic success. 

Students can access support 24/7 by logging in through the Clever App. Parents & students can create a set schedule to receive planned support after school or on weekends. As a way to encourage student attendance, FEV Tutor will award students a $5 Amazon card for every 5 hours of tutoring they complete!

FEV Tutor offers flexible scheduling options to help you fit tutoring into your busy schedule. Tutoring sessions are offered Monday – Friday from 7:00am – 10:00pm and on weekends.  

If you have any questions about this free virtual tutoring program, please contact FEV Tutor directly at IL@fevtutor.com or call 855-763-2607. FEV's Support Team is happy to answer any questions and work with you to create a personalized tutoring experience that best suits you as a learner. You can also contact Mr. Sullivan at sullivans@mcusd185.org.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your progress from your first tutoring sessions


Macomb High School and FEV Tutor

Additional Information about the FEV Tutoring Experience

How does it work? Will my student by on camera with a tutor?
FEV have a robust workspace from which the student and the tutor can both view. An image of a demo workspace is below. Neither the student nor the tutor are on camera. Communication occurs through typed messages in the Chat pane. There is also a text to speech feature if needed for the student. The workspace allows for students to use the virtual whiteboard to draw and type content for the session. In addition, images can be uploaded to share with the tutor. Check the YouTube video prepared for another high school. It gives a quick impression of what the interaction will look like.


Which Subjects does FEV Support?
FEV supports core academic courses: Math, English, Science, & Social Studies. In addition, FEV does provide SAT prep support. MHS Juniors will take the SAT with Essay Assessment on April 13. Parents and Students can signup for SAT prep from FEV by contacting Mr. Sullivan at sullivans@mcusd185.org.

Instructions on Signing up:

Schedule a Time Using Google Form

1. This is the easiest.  Go to the Signup Form.  Remember, confirmations are sent to the parent email address on file.

Schedule a Tutoring Session or Create a Weekly Schedule Through Dashboard

1. MHS Students: Log into Clever. The Clever button is on nearly ever page in the Macomb website if you scroll down far enough. It's the circle with 3 people.
cleverbutton Opens in new window

2. Log into Clever using the student credentials
clever login

3. Once logged into Clever, scroll down to Technology App. A button (link) for FEV Tutor is listed there. Click FEV Tutor so that Clever will take you there and automatically log you in.

4. From the FEV Tutor Dashboard, students can schedule a session(s) or they can request on-demand homework help.

5. To schedule an appointment, click the "+ Book a Session" button (it's light blue). Then use the form to specify the required information.