Academic Supports

Academic Success Centers

Academic Success Centers (ASC) are structured study halls staffed with academic success center coaches. Success center coaches help monitor grades and tutor students. Students can choose to schedule an ASC into a period of their school day or they can attend a lunch ASC. Student can only enroll in one ASC per semester. Credit is not awarded for ASC’s.

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks is an after-school program designed to give students the opportunity to have a quiet place to study at school, to get extra help with their classwork, to work on missing assignments, as well as get individual help. This program runs Monday through Friday from 3:05 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is supervised by Michelle Rossmiller.

Students who stay for the program have the option of having a parent pick them up at the flagpole entrance, walking home, or riding the Go West bus. The Go West bus picks up riders at the Tennis Courts, located on Maple Avenue. The bus will pick up riders at :54 minutes after the hour. The bus will transport riders to City Center Station, arriving at :10 minutes after the hour.

On SIP Fridays, the Opportunity Knocks program will be offered from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The students will need to plan for transportation as indicated above. Please address questions to Michelle Rossmiller at

Multi-Tiered Support Systems (MTSS)

At Macomb High School our Multi-Tiered Support Systems (MTSS) is a tiered method of academic intervention. Its purpose is to prevent academic failure through early intervention, progress monitoring, and instructional interventions for students who have difficulty. Our goal is to be able to meet the instructional needs of all students and to prevent long-term school failure. Much of our knowledge of the components of MTSS and their success is based on experiences in elementary schools. However, the structural and organizational differences between elementary schools and high schools causes the programs to differ. Our model addresses the needs of most students through primary instruction, providing secondary interventions for students not meeting certain expectations, and then providing enhanced interventions for the students that have significant instructional needs. At MHS, our staff works with each student using a differentiated model when delivering core instruction. Based on student needs, our staff increases the intensity and method of instruction. provide tier 2 interventions in Reading and Math through our Basic Algebra, Conceptual Biology, Physical Science, and Basic Geometry classes. Our school also provides the opportunity for students to work with trained coaches in our Academic Success Centers (ASC), participate in Peer Tutoring, and attend the after-school program Opportunity Knocks.

Credit Recovery/Summer School

A student may make up a failed credit in one of the following ways:

A. Retake the MHS class when it is offered again, or 

B. Retake the MHS class during summer school (if available), or

C. Enroll and complete an approved course through a provider such as Edgenuity, or

D. Upon referral from the MHS academic review team, enroll and complete courses at the Royals Academy for Secondary Education

Each spring MHS determines if Summer School will be available to students. Typically, Summer School occurs in June and students have an opportunity earn ½ to 1 credit.