Course Selection

How the Process Works

The course planning process begins in December when students make course requests for the next school year. The process takes months, culminating in next year’s master schedule and teacher assignments. We ask students and parents to understand that this is a lengthy, time-consuming process and that student participation is vital to having the appropriate number of courses and teaching staff to meet their needs. Students need to make careful decisions about course planning for their future goals. Once the master schedule is finalized and classes are filled, it can be difficult or impossible to make schedule changes.

In December and January, counselors meet with students in 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grades to discuss course planning. The Course Plan Book is online, or hardcopies are available in the Library and in the Counseling Office. The course request form included in the back of this handbook must be completed carefully and accurately. A parent/guardian signature is required, and a copy should be kept for your records.

Any student who fails to return a signed Course Request Form by the deadline date will have a schedule of courses for graduation chosen for them by their school counselor. Registration for next year is a privilege and students are given ample opportunity to actively participate in this process.


Course Plan Book Link 

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 24 credits are required for graduation. 18.5 of the 24 credits required for graduation must include:

      4 credits of English

3 credits of Math

3 credits of Science

2 credits of Social Science (Civics and US History are required)

.25 credit of Drivers Ed + .25 credit of Computer Tech

.5 credit of Consumer Ed +.5 credit of Computer Apps

.5 credit of FINE ART + .5 credit of Fine Art/Foreign Lang/CTE

.5 credit of Health + 3.5 credits of PE


Here you will find a list of course requirements for all Illinois public universities.