Dual Credit

Dual credit classes are college level courses in which the student simultaneously earns credit on both the MHS transcript and the college/university transcript. Dual credit classes require a high level of commitment and investment of time. Students must have the maturity, academic preparation, and a drive to succeed in college classes. Students may drop a dual credit class only if they are academically misplaced (unable to earn a passing grade in the course) or unable to pay SRC or WIU tuition. 

Juniors sign up for dual credit courses as part of the regular course planning process in the junior year. Students must apply for admission to SRC or WIU, be accepted, register for their preferred class, and pay tuition. 

Transcript grades are based on the scale used by colleges. Dual credit courses taught by a MHS teacher, are the only college courses that are calculated into the student’s rank and GPA. Administrative procedures for both SRC and MHS are enforced. 

SRC and WIU have an Information Night in late fall in the MHS Commons. Students planning to take any SRC or WIU classes should attend. Students receive a packet explaining how to complete all requirements for college admission and payment of tuition. 

Seniors may also take face-to-face (F-F), online, or hybrid classes (a combination of both F-F and online) at either a community college or university. Students may request to take college classes by submitting a Blended Learning Request Form to the principal. If the request is approved, students must apply for admission to their desired college, be accepted, provide a high school approval form/letter, register for their preferred class, and pay tuition.

Dual Enrollment College Pages

            Western Illinois University

            Spoon River College


Use Transferology to learn more about how your college credit will transfer to different schools.