Mission Statement and Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Preparing Students for Success

The mission of Macomb Community Unit School District No. 185 is to prepare each of our students for a successful future.

Strategic Goals

Macomb CUSD 185 will...

  1. Provide a high quality, well-rounded, educational experience that engages, challenges, and supports each student.
  2. Recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified educational staff who form positive and effective relationships with students to enhance learning.
  3. Be prudent stewards of our resources through intentional planning and budgeting.
  4. Provide and maintain high quality facilities and infrastructure that support a safe and nurturing learning environment
  5. Provide focused, transparent leadership that builds relationships with students, families, and the community.

 District Values

Responsibility: We value our responsibility to ensure that our children become productive citizens.

Learning: We value an education which challenges individuals, promotes exploration, encourages collaboration and inspires all to become life-long learners.

Respect: We value integrity, honesty, and a respect for the ideas presented in the learning process and the environment in which they are presented.

Safety: We value safety by creating an environment that protects and nurtures the individual.

Service: We value service by giving back to our community.

Equity: We value diversity within our District by supporting fair treatment and equal opportunity.

Excellence: We value excellence in all that we do.

Strategic Plan

On August 20, 2012, the Board of Education adopted this Strategic Plan to guide us for years to come. This is the result of months of work by our community, administrators, teachers, and staff of our school district. It provides the direction for our instruction, curriculum, budgeting, staffing, and partnerships.

The 2014-2015 Update, adopted by the Board of Education May 19, 2014, is a revision to the plan the Macomb Community Unit District 185 Board of Education adopted in 2012. This update reflects the district's commitment to transparency in the decision-making process and establishing priorities to guide the use of resources that will best serve our mission and vision.

Macomb CUSD 185 Strategic Plan (PDF)