Technology Platforms

There are many technology tools out there, it can be overwhelming.  That is why the Macomb School District has tried to keep it simple, with four main platforms:  eBoards, Clever, Office 365 and Skyward.  Links to these four platforms can be found on the Macomb School District 185 website.


Teachers in the district post helpful information regarding their classes on their eBoard.  This is the first place families should look for information from the teacher.  On the teacher eBoard there will be a tab called Academic Engagement Day (AED).  Teachers will explain what the daily instruction is or explain what tool they use to post daily instructions (example:  Teacher may say daily instruction can be found in Teams).  eBoards is visible for all to see, no credentials needed to see eBoards. 


Online textbooks and technology sites can be found in Clever.  Every textbook and technology tool is a different website, Clever brings all of these websites into one platform.  Students do not have to go to several websites, they can go to Clever and see all the websites in one place.  Clever also has links to the Teams, Skyward and Office 365 websites. Clever requires student username/password.

Office 365

Includes Outlook (email), OneDrive (provides students with the ability to access their documents on and off campus), Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft Teams - allows teachers to communicate via a web meeting, post announcements, assign assignments, pass out information, etc.  Teams is for grades 4-12 and will be the main platform for during the school closure.  Microsoft Teams requires student username/password.

You can easily access Office 365 from a desktop device or by a tablet or phone.

Office365 - Direct Link

Skyward - Student Management System

Students, along with their parents and guardians, can track their academic progress through our Student Management System, Skyward.  

Skyward - Direct Link 

Microsoft Office is Free

With the Macomb School District’s Microsoft License, Microsoft is providing a complete version of the latest Microsoft Office to 4th -12th grade students free of charge to install on 5 compatible PCs and Macs. Installing Microsoft Office will allow your child the ability to work on Word, for writing;Excel, for spreadsheets; PowerPoint, for presentations; and OneNote for organization. This Office subscription lasts for as long as your child is a student here and the program continues. Instruct your child to follow these simple steps to get Microsoft Office.

Technology Requests

For the most immediate response, all technology requests should be entered into the Helpdesk System. This link can only be accessed while in the district.